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Famous Weddings

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Jan 1st - Actor Michael Biehn (31) weds film producer Gina Marsh
Jan 9th - English earl of St Andrews marries Sylvana Tomaselli
Jan 17th - Publisher Bob Guccione (57) weds actress Katherine Keeton (48)
Feb 7th - Heavyweight boxing champ Mike Tyson marries actress Robin Givens
Feb 14th - General hospital star Jackie Zeman marries Glenn Gorden
Feb 14th - Astronaut Buzz Aldrin (58) weds Lois Driggs Cannon
Feb 21st - Actor Dudley Moore (53) weds actress Brogan Lane at the Little Chapel of the West in Las Vegas
Apr 24th - Musician Mick Fleetwood (40) weds model Sara Recor
Apr 29th - "60 Minutes" newscaster Diane Sawyer weds Mike Nichols
Apr 29th - Burt Reynolds & Loni Anderson marry
Actor Tom HanksActor Tom Hanks (Apr 30th) Apr 30th - Actor Tom Hanks (31) weds actress Rita Wilson (31)
May 21st - Jane Powell weds Dickie Moore
May 28th - Genie Francis (General Hospital) weds Jonathan Frakes (Star Trek TNG)
May 28th - Journalist Harry Reasoner (65) weds Lois Harriett Weber
Jun 19th - Danny Spitz, heavy metal artist (Anthrax), weds Valerie
Jul 9th - "Facts of Life," Lisa Whelchel weds Steve Cauble
Jul 16th - "Back To The Future" actor Michael J. Fox (27) weds "Family Ties" actress Tracy Pollan (28) at West Mountain Inn in Arlington, Vermont
Jul 17th - NHL ice hockey star player Wayne Gretzky (27) weds actress Janet Jones (27) at St. Joseph's Basilica in Edmonton, Canada
Ice Hockey Great Wayne GretzkyIce Hockey Great Wayne Gretzky (Jul 17th) Jul 30th - James Ogilvy (under Engl princess Alexandra) marries Julia Rawlinson
Aug 4th - Kevin Bacon marries Kyra Sedgwick
Aug 12th - Country singer John Denver (44) weds actress Cassandra Delaney
Aug 13th - Musician Robert Smith (29) weds Mary Poole in UK
Aug 30th - Tennis star Chris Everett weds skier Andy Mills
Sep 25th - Actor Paul Gross (29) weds actress Martha Burns
Oct 1st - Robert Englund, actor who plays Freddie Kruger weds Nancy Booth
Oct 3rd - "Princess of Rock and Roll" Lisa Marie Presley (20) weds musician Danny Keough (23) at the Church of Scientology
Nov 1st - US Actors Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis marry in Las Vegas
Princess of Rock and Roll Lisa Marie PresleyPrincess of Rock and Roll Lisa Marie Presley (Oct 3rd) Nov 19th - LA Law's Corbin Bernsen marries actress Amanda Pays

Famous Divorces

Divorces 1 - 6 of 6

Jun 17th - Bruce Springsteen separates from Juliette Phillips
United States Secretary of State John KerryUnited States Secretary of State John Kerry (Jul 25th) Jul 25th - Heiress Julia Stimson Thorne (43) divorces politician John Kerry (44) after 18 years of marriage
Aug 30th - Julianne Philips files for divorce from Bruce Springsteen
Oct 7th - Robin Givens files for divorce after 8-month marriage to Mike Tyson
Oct 14th - Mike Tyson countersues Robin Givens for divorce & annulment
Dec 6th - Actor and comedian Robin Williams (37) divorces Valerie Velardi after 10 years of marriage

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